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Surf Vacations

“Refreshing” doesn’t begin to describe the life changing experience of surfing Tofino. Loved and coveted by pro surfers the world over, Tofino a premiere surfer’s paradise. Surfing Tofino is life, the rest is just details.


If a Tofino surfing vacation is how you choose to discover your love for the swell as a brand new rider, you can be confident in the peerless local instructors available for lessons.


Experienced surfers welcome. Tofino boasts some of the most challenging and rewarding cold-water swells the pacific has to offer. With winter wave records near 9 meters, the potential for shredding is limitless.


With dozens of incredible beaches to choose from in the surrounding area, surfing Tofino is always an epic event. From Chesterman to Florencia, the beaches of Tofino have a lot to show you.

Force of Nature

The raw power of the Pacific Ocean meeting the fortress of Canada’s Coast Mountains. By the pressure of wind and wave, the mixing of ocean and granite over timeless ages. Tofino is a place existing on the boundary line between the unstoppable and the immovable. There is no more direct way to interface with this power than surfing.

Ready To Ride?

Contact our Tofino travel agents to get a quote, ask a questions or start planning your surfing vacation in Tofino.