Tofino Luxury Vacations & Experiences | Tofino Luxury Travel Agency
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Tofino Luxury Vacations

Looking to take your Tofino experience to another level? We would love to take you on a luxury vacation experience here making sure you stay in the best suites, dine like royalty while having helicopters, seaplanes and yachts at your service. See how we can make your next Tofino luxury vacation a smashing success.


From the finest luxury accommodations to incredibles and lavish experiences, we’ve got Tofino luxury on lock. Whether you want to race cars at the Tofino airport, fly in a helicopter to a mountaintop and hot springs or have an exclusive meal cooked by a local chef it’s all possible here.


Every single luxury Tofino vacation experience we plan is done in part with you. We make sure we know you and your tastes before planning which allows us to create the most memorable luxury experience possible. Come plan your next trip intimately with us.


Talk to us about the latest specials and what’s going on in Tofino. We have so many amazing experiences you can try here like surfing, hiking, dining and day escapes to the hot springs. We’ll make sure it’s setup, booked and waiting for you as soon as you arrive to Tofino.

Wick Inn

Our absolute most favorite place to stay in Tofino is of course the Wickaninnish Inn, a bucket list hotel for many globetrotters. We encourage all first time Tofino guests wanting a luxury experience here to get to know one of the greatest luxury hotels in the world. There isn’t another place like it situated in a place that’s oh so magical.

Ready To Book?

Contact our Tofino travel agents to get a quote, ask a questions or start planning your luxury vacation to Tofino. We highly recommend you check yourself into the Wickaninnish Inn tout de suite!